‘Tom and Bunny Save the World’ Review by Roisin

‘Tom and Bunny Save the World’ Review by Roisin

On Tuesday 8th May, as part of my Silver Arts Award I saw ‘Tom and Bunny Save the World’ at Diss Corn Hall.

It is a musial comedy set in a zombie apocalypse. Using recent political events the play was written and acted well by the cast. The jokes were funny and could be understood and laughed at by all the different age groups in the audience. I enjoyed the songs, which were performed with enthusiasm. Because the songs were well placed within the play they didn’t distract  from the plot but added to it, helping to move the story along.

The six young actors played all their parts convincingly and everything they did and said was perfectly timed. Their lined sometimes even broke the fourth wall making the audience feel more involved. Not one of the cast faltered at all during the performance. Although there weren’t many props used, and the sets didn’t use too much on stage this enabled me to use my imagination more. Costumes were cleverly worn as only two or three short changes were needed throughout the whole play, with actors only switching a hat or wig in order to become a whole new character.

I thoroughly enjoyed the play, however the only thing that disappointed me slightly was the ending, which felt a little bit rushed. I would have happily settled for a few minutes more in order to wrap the story up less abruptly.

Anyone thinking of seeing ‘Tom and Bunny Save the World’ should take into consideration that the play does contain some bad language, (e.g the ‘f’ word) although it isn’t directed at anyone in an offensive way. I would suggest that the play isn’t suitable for children under the age of 12.

On the whole ‘Tom and Bunny Save the World’ was very entertaining and I would recommend it.