‘Tom and Bunny Save the World’ Review – By Malachy

‘Tom and Bunny Save the World’ Review

By Malachy

As part of my Silver Arts Award on 8th May 2018 I saw ‘Tom and Bunny Save the World’ at the Corn Hall in Diss.

‘Tom and Bunny Save the World’ is a comedy and musical set in a fictional present-day zombie apocalypse. The play follows a group of young survivors trying to find and reunite with their families in Yorkshire. All the songs, as well as the play, were written by the cast of six actors.

The stage itself was kept quite clear and there weren’t too many props being used, except for a cardboard computer terminal and a large tree trunk. This meant that the audience had to be imaginative and visualise many of the settings themselves. I enjoyed the songs and the impersonations of current political figures was particularly amusing. However, I do think that the story raced along too quickly towards the end, and could have been just a little bit longer so that it didn’t feel so hurried.

It is a humorous play with plenty of good modern references, such as Donald Trump and the Royal family. There is some use of bad language and sexual references so I wouldn’t recommend the play to anyone of Primary school age, however I think teenagers and young adults would really enjoy it.