Edna tells Grace her stories about Diss

A great wealth of stories and memories of Diss, Norfolk and London were shared during our reminiscence session at De Lucy House. We watched John Betjeman’s film Something About Diss shot in 1964 and looked at old Diss Town Guides which prompted floods of stories about the people and places so well and fondly remembered. Dennis remembered many happy evenings spent in the Jolly Porters with a group of friends!

Edna worked in the tobacconists in the town that is featured in the film and described looking out of the window, watching the passersby. She also worked as a lollipop lady in Diss, if you recognise her it could be from there. Edna’s memory of people and places is incredible, she was able to name people in the film  from 50 years ago as though she had seen them yesterday. 

Grace is new to Diss but enjoyed finding out more about her new home town; she has lived in London and America.

These stories about Diss will now be incorporated into our Wind Back Time Project and used to inspire a performance and art  work that will be exhibited in the Corn Hall from 29 July.