Electric Swing Circus – a review

It was standing room only at the Corn Hall for the Electric Swing Circus’s infectious fusion of swing, break beat and house. With occasional nods to reggae and dubstep, their unique sound had the crowd jumping from the very first number.

Pockets of the audience, so many of them dressed to impress, quickly by passed foot tapping, instead erupting into dance, making the Corn Hall feel something like 1920s speakeasy. The solid rhythm of Chandra Walker’s drums and the laconic bass of Patrick Wreford provided the perfect backdrop for the showmanship and singing talent of Laura Louise and Bridget Walsh. They were bookended by Tom Hyland, resplendent in his top hat and manic smile, and the perennially bobbing Rashad Gregory. While the former was given free rein on his gypsy-jazz guitar, the latter twiddled his knobs to produce a virtual brass section from his vintage samples that built into an impressive wall of sound.

Part band, part cabaret, all circus, they obviously had a fantastic time on stage, as did their audience, who left the Corn Hall giddy with excitement and perhaps just a bit surprised that this sort of thing went on in Diss.
David Vass