TOM and BUNNY SAVE the WORLD. A review by Elvis


A review by Elvis


Fat Rascal Theatre have created two very successful shows, Beauty and the Beast, a musical parody, and BUZZ a new musical; but their work Tom and Bunny Save the World-the musical is one of the freshest, most exciting and far superior in comparison to other small productions. Their work is often praised for being extremely smart and innovative thanks to their fantastic cast.

The narrative revolves around two acquaintances, Tom and Bunny, and their perilous quest to seek sanctuary in Yorkshire and avoid the main roads over run by zombies. On the ride to Yorkshire they encounter a farmer, a pregnant scientist and a lovesick soldier; but one is not as they seem.

 The overture of this phenomenon perfectly accentuates the attitude and mood of the production, in its combination of country and folk genres. It does this by allowing them to sing about the real life issues, such as the removal of the homeless from the streets in Windsor before the royal wedding. The style of the music enabled them to make serious subjects more humerous and exposed.

The musical tackles common issues such as gender stereotyping, political affairs and sexuality; destroying the latter in the first instance with a very strong female lead in Bunny . It takes typical English values and distorts them through direct and unorthodox approaches to life.

I really enjoyed this production because the overall spectrum of themes which was exemplified by the way the cast portrayed it in the finest detail.How would you get vitamin B12 into a zombie’s diet? Come and see ‘Tom and Bunny Save the World’ and find out!