by Isabella St.John-Clarke

Recently I have seen a new musical: Tom and Bunny Save The World at the Corn Hall. It is a comedy; it is original with an ingenious plot and a catchy song or two. Although it doesn’t recommend an age limit, I think it might be inappropriate to watch with anyone under the age of 13. However this is just because of mild swearing and some sexual references, you may decide that your children will cope.

I found the plot to be refreshing an exciting: the perfect balance between reality and fantasy. It follows the story of Tom (an anxious scientist) and Bunny (a confident feminist) on the road to Yorkshire to somehow save Britain from a zombie apocalypse. It infuses silly humour with politics with brilliant results.

The actors were all outstanding, taking on different roles and characters clearly. The costumes portrayed the characters well and every personality broke gender stereotypes to the limit. They still managed to transport every member of the audience to Yorkshire mid apocalypse 2018.

It’s difficult to pinpoint anything big wrong with Tom and Bunny, apart from the inappropriate content for younger viewers. I did find the introduction of the musical hard to follow; the consecutive news stories took a while for me to follow. However, in my opinion the rest of the play more than made up for this small complaint.

Overall, I would highly recommend taking the time to come and see this magical piece of drama tied in with music. It definitely surpassed my expectations, and I would most eagerly watch another production by Fat Rascal Theatre, as it taught me to be open and has told me that no gender stereotype is too difficult to break.

Written by Isabella St.John-Clarke